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Mounds View Public Schools recognizes that every student has different academic and social needs. As a result, students are provided with a variety of programs, courses, and services tailored to meet these needs. This includes over 200 course offerings at the high school level. Every student develops a Personalized Learning Plan with their dean and has access to post-secondary planning tools. Students also have the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school.

These are the minimum number of credits required to graduate from high school:

Students are required to complete at least 22 credits to graduate.

  • English - 4 credits
  • Social Studies - 3.5 credits
  • Mathematics - 3.0 credits
  • Science - 3.0 credits
  • Physical Education/Fitness for Life - 0.5 credits
  • Health - 0.5 credits
  • Fine Arts - 1.0 credit
  • Electives - 6.5 credits